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Forest Resources Management

FRM Directory

Adams, Mary Beth

Visiting Research Faculty

(304) 293-8907

329F-2 Percival Hall

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Chhin, Steve

Assistant Professor of Quantitative Forest Management

(304) 293-5313

338A Percival Hall

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Dahle, Gregory

Program Coordinator for Forest Resources Management and Wood Science and Technology
Associate Professor of Forest Resources Management

(304) 293-6292

338B Percival Hall

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Gazal, Kathryn Arano

Associate Professor of Forest Resources Management

(304) 293-5321

337C Percival Hall

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Hubbart, Jason

Professor and Director of Institute for Water Security and Science
Professor of Hydrology and Water Quality

(304) 293-2472

3109 Agricultural Sciences

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Kelly, Charlene

Teaching Assistant Professor of Forest Resources Management

Program Coordinator for Environmental Soil and Water Sciences

(304) 293-6465

337B Percival Hall

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McGill, Dave

Professor/Extension Specialist—Forest Resources Management

(304) 293-5930

338 Percival Hall

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Schuler, Jamie

Associate Professor of Silviculture
Program Coordinator for WVU Forests

(304) 293-3896

343B Percival Hall

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Stephan, Kirsten

Teaching Associate Professor of Forest Resources Management

(304) 293-0024

337D Percival Hall

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Tomkowski, Anthony

Assistant Professor Emeritus of Forest Resources Management

(304) 293-0025

343A Percival Hall

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Zegre, Nicolas

Associate Professor of Forest Hydrology

(304) 293-0049

337A Percival Hall

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