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Leadership Team

Division of FNR

Burns, Robert

Director of the Division of Forestry and Natural Resources
Co-Director of the School of Natural Resources
Professor of Recreation, Parks & Tourism Resources

(304) 293-6781

325A Percival Hall

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Hartman, Kyle

Associate Division Director of Academic Affairs
Professor of Wildlife & Fisheries Resources

(304) 293-4797

310A Percival Hall

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Wang, Jingxin

Associate Division Director of Research
Professor of Wood Science & Technology

(304) 293-7601

317E Percival Hall

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Dahle, Gregory

Program Coordinator for Forest Resources Management and Wood Science and Technology 
Associate Professor of Forest Resources Management

(304) 293-6292

338B Percival Hall

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Deng, Jinyang

Program Coordinator and Associate Professor of Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources

(304) 293-6818

325B Percival Hall

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Edwards, John

Program Coordinator and Professor of Wildlife & Fisheries Resources

(304) 293-3796

311A Percival Hall

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Grushecky, Shawn

Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Energy Land Management

(304) 293- 9417

317C Percival Hall

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Schuler, Jamie

Program Coordinator for WVU Forests

Associate Professor of Silviculture

(304) 293-3896

343 Percival Hall

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