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Wood Science and Technology

This program is designed to prepare students for the challenges of a wood products industry career. Graduate students enrolling in wood science will be expected to have taken WDSC 223, Wood Anatomy and Structure, WDSC 232, Primary Conversion and Grading, and WDSC 401, Field Trip or their equivalents. Graduate students are expected to make up deficiencies in undergraduate background as part of their program of study.

Curriculum requirements include a block of graduate requirements course in the major field, which will constitute a comprehensive review of the significant knowledge in that field, and a block of graduate courses in a minor field of study. A minimum of 60 semester hours beyond the bachelor’s degree and exclusive of the dissertation is required. The research work for the doctoral dissertation must show a high degree of scholarship and must present an original contribution to the field of forest resources science. In addition to course work and the dissertation, the candidate is required to pass a qualifying examination and a final examination.