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Student Success

The retention rate of FRM freshman and sophomore students continues to be very good in recent years with the most recent data showing a retention rate of 78.6%, which is about similar to the university average but higher than the average national retention rate of 73.6%. Over the last 5 years, the average number of students graduating from the FRM program was 24 per year. Over the same review period, the program has maintained an average 57.2% continuance rate, and an average of 4.4 years to degree completion.

The most recent (2019) alumni survey of FRM graduates indicated that just over 85% of respondents found employment in fields of forestry or natural resources, for those respondents who specified a field. In regard to where graduates were employed, 31% reported employment with private forestry companies, 27% were with government forestry agencies, 17% employed as arborists or urban foresters, 10% were in higher education and 15% were “other” employment. In terms of annual salary of FRM graduates, the recent alumni survey showed that 60% reported earning $20,000-<$50,000; 20% reported earning >$50,000; and 15% did not report their salary.